Lake Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe SkiingLooking for a great place to ski?

If you have been skiing for some time now, you may have already sampled the wares offered by such popular destinations as Aspen, the Alps, and Europe. So now you want to try skiing stateside. But which state?

Utah has many great ski areas, but it can get boring. And West Virginia with its towering Snowshoe Mountain might be invigorating for a while, but the fact is, you want to try something new. So where should you go?

With no less than six ski destinations scattered about the lake, Lake Tahoe skiing might just be the place you are looking for.

Lake Tahoe skiing offers something unique for the seasoned skier. Have you ever tried skiing on the slopes of a volcano? That’s right. A volcano. Once a prehistoric volcanic crater, Lake Tahoe and its surroundings offer you the thrilling slopes of extinguished volcanic crater’s mounds and all the ski runs you can choose from six ski destinations.


The first thing you will notice about Lake Tahoe skiing is its quick and easy accessibility. All six ski destinations are within 90 minutes drive from the southern part of Tahoe City. The entire region around the lake provides you with a good variety of terrain that’s seemingly made for Lake Tahoe skiing.

You can start your journey from Heavenly, skiing both the Nevada and California boundary. Then, continue slowly towards the main lake area, taking time to enjoy the famous slopes of Squaw Valley.

But if you want to try Lake Tahoe on your own terms entirely, you are free to do that, too. The great thing about Lake Tahoe skiing is that you never lack for choices.

Lodgings and Accommodations

You have a choice between log houses nestled between slopes and overlooking Lake Tahoe and numerous motel accommodations scattered all over. Lake Tahoe skiing also has the added bonus of a thriving nightlife. When you’re not at the slopes, enjoying the feel of the oncoming rush of wind, you can try your luck at the casino just across the state-line. That or a quiet dinner with a majestic view of the lake. Your choice.


Lake Tahoe skiing offers two main resorts, Heavenly and Squaw Valley. Exuding the atmosphere of a little country town but riddled with motels and other types of architecture, Heavenly and Squaw Valley have impressed many a skier with its unique sights and smells.

If you are traveling with kids, Heavenly is a good place to check out. Lodgings at this Lake Tahoe skiing resort are situated at a proximate distance from the slopes. What’s more, there are more kid-friendly facilities available here than in Squaw Valley